15 Reasons Why FFA Advisors Are Amazing


It’s a common known fact among the FFA community that advisors are cut from a different cloth. It is also possible they have a few screws loose. What teacher in their right mind would become involved in an organization that has a habit of turning into more of a lifestyle than a job? Thankfully, those brave few have dedicated countless hours to furthering the education of bright, involved high school students in order to build a better tomorrow. Here are just a few reasons why FFA advisors are amazing:

1. They are just as invested as you are. Your success in a competition, running for an officer position or in the show ring is a victory for them as well. It means the innumerable amount of times they spent listening to you recite the Creed has paid off when you are able to advance to the district competition and they are able to watch with pride.

2. Advisors have impeccable sense of fashion. Official dress is the new black in their minds. It always goes with everything and never clashes. In regards to their own wardrobe, jeans and a plaid shirt is business attire, right?

3. They always know the dirt. No, I’m not referring to soils (but they do know about that). FFA advisors gossip like old women in a hair salon.

4. They see you at your worst and still think you are the best. When you are in tears because the computer deleted half of your State Degree application, they don’t in fact scold you for not saving every couple of minutes. They help you start over and THEN scold you. An advisor never complains when you show up to an event still red in the face and sweating from basketball practice, because they understand you are balancing a lot and appreciate the fact that you are there.

5. They make great references. I personally can’t thank my Ag advisors enough for the amazing letters of recommendation they wrote for scholarships and job applications. Huge shout out to my advisor for only sighing a little bit when I call him up and ask if it is possible to have one ready to go in two days because I didn’t quite realize the due date was so soon.

6. Advisors are experts in decorating. It does not matter if there physically is not any space left on their walls; if you won a plaque or banner, they will find a way to display it. No one really knows the color of paint in their classroom since every inch is covered.

7. They are always prepared. Whether it is the ability to find an extra scarf when you forgot yours, or your car battery died at school. They are always there to save your skin. In the stickiest of situations you run to them.

8. Your advisor probably had your parents in class. Or for all you Ag teacher kids out there like me, your parent had all your friends’ parents in class. Either way, everybody knows everybody so you know better than to try and pull anything. This also makes for a great opportunity to get some dirt on your dad about that senior prank he pulled when he was in high school.

9. They aren’t in it for the money. How do we know that? Because they are not paid nearly enough for the ridiculous amount of overtime and energy they put into making each year the best for members.

10. Boring car rides don’t exist. They somehow manage to make those long van-rides to CDE competitions, livestock judging and state convention the most memorable and filled with laughter. Whether it is bringing up that chapter officer from the other town you have a crush on or pulling pranks on you when you fall asleep, each drive is more fun than the last.

11. They taught you the meaning of hard work. Mostly through the amount of times you had to sweep the shop because you wouldn’t stop talking in class. They believe in hands on experience. Instead of just telling you the proper way to prune an apple tree, they have you do it with your own two hands.

12. They are all still kids at heart. Don’t let that balding head fool you, deep down these old goats have a youthful spirit. Whether it’s occasionally pushing the speed limit in the FFA pickup, giving kid’s bunny ears in pictures or finding the most immature jokes hilarious; advisors aren’t afraid to be silly and have fun with their students.

13. Advisors are protective. Similar to a mama bear, advisors are fiercely loyal and always have your back.

14. They are breaking stereotypes left and right. This is dedicated to all of the women advisors out there who are kickin’ butt and takin’ names! It’s a pretty cool thing to say you were taught how to weld by a GIRL! It is always great to see the looks on those boys’ faces when your advisor is carrying heavy equipment all by herself, instead of waiting around for a guy to do it. They are amazing examples to young women everywhere and are inspiring to all. They are the glue that keeps it all together.

15. You know what it means when they say “Here by the owl…” It is a symbol of the wisdom and experience they have gained over the years. Each class, each lesson, each moment, they find a way to pass down this invaluable wisdom to members in hopes that those members will pass it down to the next generation. Advisors are always looking to gain new knowledge and never stop striving to learn more. Their service as educators is how they show the love they have for the organization and for members. These owls hold vast expertise and their passion consists of passing down this intelligence to the hungry minds of our youth.

We can’t thank our advisors enough for all that they do. Their dedication to students and agriculture is beyond measure. From the Green hand ceremony until a student’s last FFA banquet, they have managed to give members memories that will last them a lifetime, and lessons they will never forget. Thank you FFA advisors!

16 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why FFA Advisors Are Amazing

  1. Been there, done that. Every word is true and I so see this in an advisor that I taught as well as advisors that were mentors and friends. Thankfully I have lived long enough to experience the success and appreciation of many former students. An old Ag. Teacher.


  2. I feel blessed to have been a Ag teacher and an advisor to so many great young people. Many many times I’ve heard Ag teachers say ” is good for kids” and we do it. Ag teacher don’t just care about kids, they put quality into young adults. Thanks for the memories. Another old Ag teacher


    • David – one of the reasons I could never use. My father was my ag teacher! Number 4 would stick out like a sore thumb. But everything else was true.


  3. We have been lucky to have an awesome Ag instructor at Cisne High School in Cisne, IL. It is a small town with big agricultural roots. A shout out to Mrs. Jennifer Timm. They broke the mold when she came along. She is like a second Mom to most of her students by the time they graduate. Wish we had more teachers like her around. This fits her and proud of her and all her kids past and present.


  4. Shout out to Kristann Silkwood-Mattes, the late Jon Faranda, Bob Britton and Ken Dias, excellent Clovis, CA advisors in early 1980s. My husband and I met in FFA and have/are raising four more members, because the values and lifestyle represented by FFA is who we were then, who we are today, and a proud legacy we want to leave for tomorrow.


  5. Every word so true had one of the best the state of Nebraska had as time slips by you begin to realize how they invested in there students don’t know if we ever say thank you properly but to my advisor Mr Rolland Essman thank you for not giving up on those who chose aprofesion


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