Toni Lynn Adams

Hey y’all! I am recently graduated from Washington State University. I earned my B.A. in Strategic Communication and minored in agricultural systems. I was raised on a small farm in Prosser, WA and our family owned apple orchard in Cowiche, WA. The daughter of the high school horticulture teacher and FFA advisor, my life has always revolved around farming. My passion for agriculture developed through my involvement in the 4-H then the FFA. I was inspired to take on a leadership position as the chapter president and also district officer. During the summer I worked as a crop sampler for a local ag-business. I realized exactly what I was meant to do during a very early morning on the job as I watched the sunrise over the rolling hills. I realized I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to promoting agriculture and educating the public on the importance of farming. Thank you for checking out my blog!


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  1. Congratulations! You are a shining example. I shared your Fair Kids blog with all my Fair clients. My business is marketing services for County Fairs and events.
    Karen Spencer

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  2. Found your blog when checking out the “fair kids” entry posted by the 4-H Facebook page. I was so excited to read through and be reminded of my wonderful experiences at the Skamania County Fair growing up. And then to discover that you’re a fellow Coug! I wish you the best of luck as you pursue your dream.
    And Go Cougs, always!

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  3. Ms. Adams,
    I work for a local newspaper in Michigan and each year we put out special pre-fair edition highlighting all the great things about our county fair and the 4-H program. I would love to include your article “You Know You’re a Fair Kid When…” with your permission and of course credit. It’s perfect for fair kids and families and I think our readers would like it very much. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would allow that.

    Julie M.
    Hastings, MI

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  4. The company is called J-Ad Graphics and we have several local newspapers including the Hastings Banner and the Sun and News for Caledonia and Middleville, Mi. We have a wonderful county fair and each year write several stories about events at the fair. Your article is perfect! And when I read it I just knew I wanted to include it in our special section. If you send me an address, I’ll make sure you get a full copy of special section when it’s printed. And thanks! I think our readers will really enjoy it!


  5. You have captured the spirit of raising an animal, competition in the show ring and the valuable life lessons you can only learn as a ‘fair kid’. Thank you for sharing your experience this way. Best of luck to you at WSU (even if I don purple and gold) and go hug your folks. They are the reason you are who you are! As a 4-H and FFA alum I am so happy my boys were/are very involved in 4-H. Thank you again!


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